Me when there is no WiFi

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me:*fails a quiz*

drake: i’m just sayin you could do better

me:*studies harder graduates valedictorian and cures cancer*

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i just almost missed my train because i was taking a personality quiz to find out what fruit I am

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What was your funniest or most memorable moment on set? (x)

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i pledge allegiance

to the butt

of captain america

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'hey what's your otp'

i put my hands in my pockets casually, giving a nervous laugh. ‘w-what’s an otp’ i stutter. i take my hand out of my pocket to brush my hair back smoothly. a list falls out of the pocket. it begins to roll. it is going on seven blocks now. i begin to cry.

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I love Orphan Black bc I can have like 20 different favourite characters at any given time and 98% of them are Tatiana Maslany

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if u think that there has ever been a greater scene on television think again

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